Lead Generation

Earn valuable leads through customized campaigns that will attract your target audience and provide an irresistible call to action. By leveraging essential keywords and running PPC and local service ad campaigns, we will drive traffic to high converting landing pages. You will experience consistent results and add new clients to your roster each month.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Legal pay-per-click campaigns are an effective way to generate leads that offer an excellent return on investment. With well designed and executed ads, you can immediately start to see results.

Expertly Targeted

Instead of casting a wide net and hoping to capture some leads, you can directly target certain demographics that are relevant to your business. By setting certain parameters, we can help you connect with your ideal audience to avoid wasting time and money.

Landing Page Conversions

Oftentimes, ad campaigns are designed to send traffic directly to your website. However, we have found that landing pages provide better conversion rates that can exceed 25. We can help you take full advantage of this tool and further drive conversions.

Fair Pricing

You get to decide how much you want to spend on Google ads, so you can set a budget and make changes as necessary. Managing your ad accounts comes with a flat fee that will remain the same even as your Google spending increases.